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Caro’s Kitchen Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate

Caro's Kitchen Gift Card is the most original and fun way to make an unusual gift.


25 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 238

Gift Certificates

We have designed our gift cards for you that will allow you to enjoy meal plans, personal chef service, romantic dinners, family dinners and special events. It is the most original way to give a special gift.

Gift Card

Caro's Kitchen Gift Card are experiences. 3 Weeks 6 meals Subscription Service.



The best moments are around a good meal

Caro's kitchen offers chef-prepared meals, specialized menus, perfect for friends and family who least expect it, but might need it more. No cooking, cleaning, shopping, every meal you eat is one less thing to worry about.

New Parents

A new story begins, help them feed a new mouth (or two or more) by sending healthy food

Special diets

You need meals with special foods, vegetarian, vegan, with a lot or little protein.

Someone Who Needs Some

So your sick friends and family can take care of themselves and focus on feeling better.